A Castle Wedding in Italy

A very Italian affair, a riot of colour, exquisite style, impeccable aesthetics and deeply felt emotion.

Venue: Isola del Garda

Flowers: Ottuzzi Mauro

Photography: © Sarah Edmunds & Dario Righetto, Love Weddings. All rights reserved.

The wedding preparations begin

For this wedding at a castle in Lake Garda - that's right, an Italian castle! Our delightful couple, Paola and Simone, have gifted us with inspiring images capturing the warmth and love that enveloped their wedding day celebration. As I focused on photographing the bride Paola during her makeup session, Dario ventured to Paolo's location, where the groom and his family dressed and prepared for their Italian castle wedding.

Both of these distinguished Italian families emanated incredible warmth and love, evident in every frame of their castle wedding photography. Originally from Mantova, this delightful pair revealed to us that they had already been together for 20 years before finally deciding to tie the knot in one of Italy's most sought-after wedding venues.

The narrative unfolded within the rooms of the island's castle, where soft morning sunlight witnessed laughter, the final touches of the bride, and palpable excitement filling the air. Assisted by her smiling mother, sister, and best friends, Paola adorned herself in a breathtaking bridal gown.

Below are the photos of the wedding preparations, then scroll down for more until you see the night-time dancing shots...

An Autumnal Color Palette for this Italian castle wedding 

With a stunning autumnal wedding color palette featuring earthy tones and burgundy, the flowers, expertly arranged by Mauro Ottuzzi of Mantova, transformed the entire loggia into an elegant bohemian wonderland. The vows exchanged under the timeless frescoes of Isola del Garda's neogothic mansion marked the beginning of a journey uniquely tailored for this delightful couple. The wedding venue and entire private island, exclusively reserved for the newlyweds and their guests, was a dreamscape of romance and elegance.

Of all the Italian wedding castles available for destination wedding ceremonies, this one is quite unique. Not many castle wedding venues are actually situated on a private island, with the exclusive use for the wedding party and guests!

Post-ceremony, the newlyweds embarked on a romantic and relaxing ride across Lake Garda, the largest of the Italian lakes, aboard a classic Riva boat, savoring the initial moments of their married life.

The bride and groom's wedding photography portrait session unfolded amid the island's beautiful gardens. From the lush English gardens to the serene charm of the Oriental garden and the intricate pathways of the Italian maze on the main terrace – Love Weddings, as their own personal Italian wedding castle photographers, aimed to authentically capture every genuine emotion, stolen glance, and whispered secret. The session, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, became an intimate moment as Paola and Simone exchanged private wedding vows.

The family, a testament to love, surrounded the couple with warmth and affection, creating a wedding ceremony with a backdrop of immense love and joy.

As the stars emerged, the loggia resonated with the melodies of music and laughter, echoing into the early hours. The groom and his sister even erupted into a wonderful, impromptu dance before fireworks exploded over the lake's glittering waters and above the Italian castle.

Through the discerning lens of Love Weddings, the leading Lake Garda destination wedding photographers, the fleeting emotions and cherished moments of Paola and Simone's Isola del Garda Italian castle wedding are immortalized, crafting a visual narrative they will hold close to their hearts forever in a hand-crafted, Italian-made fine art wedding album.

Enjoy the wedding pictures of this outstanding Italian castle wedding, and remember, to book your very own wedding at a castle in Lake Garda, contact us today.

"Oh mio dio ma sono stupende! Wow!"

Paola & Simone