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This is our process:

I. INITIAL consultation.

Getting to know each other is the first step, the foundation where we start building together the necessary mutual confidence and trust. This is absolutely pivotal in order to give our best during your wedding day. Likewise, it will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

II. Book the date.

Congratulations! Your journey with Love Weddings starts here.

We will send you some tips & tricks as well as our digital Wedding Guide for the perfect Garda Lake wedding.

III. planning + consultation.

We’ll work together to define your expectations for your wedding day. This includes communications to set your timeline and provide our expertise to help you plan. We are more than happy to work with your planner (if you have one), and communicate with all parties at all times is key.

IV. your wedding.

The day finally comes. We will be there, with you, all the time but in a very un-intrusive way. Like guardian angels we will make sure to capture the magic atmosphere, helping you and your family feel taken care of. We try to capture the entire day, pausing only for the meal. Overall our approach is documentary in style, with a small window for some gently directed couple portraits and family group pictures.

V. Delivering memories.

We aim to deliver the first on-line gallery within 4 weeks, or 3 months (depending on your chosen collection). Whether you choose to receive digital negatives only or a fine art hand-crafted album, our commitment is to keep the turnaround time as short as possible.

As seen in

Love is all you need

I'm ridiculously romantic. I often get choked up as I'm photographing a wedding ceremony. I get incredibly focused on my couple and can actually feel what I'm seeing through my lens. Nothing makes me prouder than being able to give those moments back to my clients. I think that's why I love what I do"

Sarah, lead photographer

Love is all you need

I'm ridiculously romantic. I often get choked up as I'm photographing a wedding ceremony. I get incredibly focused on my couple and can actually feel what I'm seeing through my lens. Nothing makes me prouder than being able to give those moments back to my clients. I think that's why I love what I do"

Sarah, lead photographer


How much does Lake Garda wedding photography cost?

Answering the question "how much does wedding photography cost" is a bit like asking how much a car should cost. The answer could be 500 euros, or it could be 30,000 euros.

You'll probably find a range of quotes from different levels of photographers, and a lot can depend on factors like the size or length of the wedding. A lot also depends on factors that you might not be aware of, such as experience, level of equipment, care and skill in post production and retouching. There are also factors such as - how many weddings does the photographer shoot per year? Are they a registered business? Do they carry insurance? Do they have a studio? Is they a "weekend warrior" funded by a week-day salary at something unrelated?

If a wedding photographer quotes at a level that makes a living wage impossible, or implies a lack of professionalism (because a professional simply would not be able to survive on the resulting net income), or suggests that the photographer needs to shoot 40-50 weddings per year in order to survive, obviously the resulting service and photographic results will bear witness.

We've been married ourselves and fully understand the juggling of budgets, but even we, professional wedding photographers, actually underestimated just how important the photography would be to us once the wedding was over!

Trust us: cutting corners can be done in some areas, the photography shouldn't be one of them. There are few things more expensive than bad wedding photography. That said, you don't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for good wedding photography either.

We aim to strike the right balance between cost to you, and the ability to provide an excellent product and service that leaves you feeling you got more value than you ever expected for a few thousand euros: a lifetime of memories (and you looking fabulous). In other words, we want you to feel like you made a GREAT investment, one that will last a lifetime and keep on growing in value.

What's your average turnaround time?

We make a contractual commitment to deliver your full, edited wedding gallery to you within one month of the wedding date.

Some additional retouching of published or printed images (if necessary) might take more time, as it's a time-consuming process requiring considerable expertise when done well. Printed albums and products are delivered within 3 months of layout or photo approval, to allow for retouching, ordering, production (products are made to order, hand-crafted in Italy), inspection and re-delivery to you.

What's your photography style?

Our wedding photography style is a harmonious blend of relaxed documentary and editorial flair. We aim to capture your day with an observant eye, focusing on genuine, heartwarming moments that unfold organically. These are complemented by our editorial-style portraits, where we channel our expertise in beauty, fashion, and portrait photography to create timeless images. Additionally, we frequently use studio-lighting techniques for group and family shots, giving them a polished, distinctive look. With a commitment to both aesthetic beauty and authentic emotion, our photographs serve as cherished keepsakes that encapsulate the essence of your love story.

How many photographs will we receive?

We don't set a limit on the number of images, but you can generally expect around 100 finished images per hour of shooting. We shoot extensively and aim to provide you with every image that successfully captures the full narrative of your day. Only duplicates, photos with unfavorable expressions, or images that don't meet our technical standards are excluded.

How long do we need for couple and family pictures?

During our initial consultation, we'll guide you in curating a family shot list to maximize your celebration time. For couple portraits, the duration depends on the venue and whether a boat ride is part of the plan. However, if you can allocate at least an hour for just the two of you, it would be ideal. Many couples appreciate this quiet moment to pause, breathe, and connect amidst the day's festivities.

How many photographers do we need?

Sarah successfully shot weddings for many years by herself working alone. She is more than capable of covering the entire wedding and night.

Sometimes, however, there are situations in which a second photographer is very useful if not essential: one photographer to accompany the bride and groom on their boat while the other photographer covers the guests' boat. Or, if the bride and groom get ready in locations that are far enough apart that one photographer can't cover them both.

Another time a second photographer is useful is when Sarah is photographing the bride and groom portraits and you want lots of coverage of the guests during this time.

A second photographer can also come in useful if you want to have a Photo Booth style shooting booth. One photographer can take the Photo Booth pictures, and the other covers the party and dancing.

In the event you choose Love Weddings to provide photography only, Sarah and Dario will both be your photographers.

If you want Love Weddings to provide both photo and video, Sarah will be lead photographer and Dario will be filmmaker and drone operator. If needed or requested we will call upon a trusted photographer colleague to act as Sarah's second photographer/assistant.

Can you get us published in a magazine or blog?

Achieving publication is a goal for many couples, and it's a pursuit we'd be thrilled to assist you with. We have connections to publishing channels, and most magazines and blogs operate within editorial guidelines. While there's no guarantee of publication, we can guide you in planning with a particular publication in mind and assist with the submission process.

Are there travel fees or any other expenses?

The great thing about your photographers being based actually at Lake Garda means no travel expenses or accommodation costs! Travel fees and other expenses are only discussed if the location is so far outside the Lake Garda area that we cannot travel there and back in a day.

What if we want to work with you for photography only and use another videographer?

No problem at all! We are more than happy to provide just photography, or just wedding films, and work with other photographers or videographers.
That being said, there is an advantage to having a smaller team that works tightly together. That is why we decided to train in filmmaking, in order to provide a more complete and harmonious experience.

Either way, we want you to find the solution that works best for YOU, and we will work seamlessly with your chosen professional.

Can we print our own album?

Certainly. Every photograph in your gallery (and there will likely be 1,000+) is in high resolution, edited for correct and consistent exposure, white balance, skin tones, contrast, and detail. They are available for you to download in the highest resolution. While the copyright always remains with the photographer, the gallery comes with full printing and sharing rights. If you do share on social media, please be sure to credit and tag us with @loveweddings.italy.
However, if you desire a wedding album or book that will endure for generations, printed to the highest standards on fine art paper with archival inks, handcrafted in Italy, and adhering to sustainable eco-friendly standards, consider opting for Collection 03. This includes album design, professional magazine-level retouching, and a superior archival legacy wedding album with 50 pages. This caliber of a professional album is exclusively available to professional photographers and is a class apart from the typical coffee table book or standard photo album you can order as a consumer online.

Do you do retouching?

All the images we give you in your full wedding photography gallery will be fully edited and post processed. In photography terms "edited" means that the raw images have been adjusted for exposure, colour, consistent skin tones across images, contrast, tonal values and some colour grading (toning), as well as straightening and cropping.

Every image in your gallery (usually 1000-2000 images depending on length of wedding and number of guests) will have been individually adjusted by Sarah personally.

"Retouching" means removal of unwanted items or people, skin perfecting, slimming, hair tidying, and so on. Retouching is usually done on the images that you choose to have printed in your print box or album, and possibly on some select images we will publish on social media or the journal page of this website. Sarah is a world renowned, expert retoucher and teaches high-end retouching to photographers all over the globe. She aims to provide a natural, invisible style of retouch, but we are happy to accommodate specific requests if technically and ethically feasible.

Thoughts from our clients

Thoughts from our clients

Emma & Liam

Hi Sarah, the albums have arrived today and they have blown me away. They look amazing and have brought back all the wonderful memories of the day. It has made me feel very emotional. Thank you for all of the effort and time that you have put into our wedding photos and albums, they are so much more than I expected.

Emma xx

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