Lake Garda Wedding Photographers

Lake Garda Wedding Photographers

Meet Sarah & Dario

Meet Sarah & Dario

Yes, that's us on our wedding day!

We are life and business partners, with different backgrounds but the same passion for aesthetic beauty and the visual arts.

Photo by Jerry Ghionis

"My goal is capture meaningful portraits during the day, in the most candid way. My specialty? Making people look and feel fabulous in their photos"

Sarah is a fully qualified judge for the UK’s The Societies of Photographers as well as the US-based WPPI. Most recently, Sarah was one of six internationally renowned photographers chosen to judge International Portrait Photographer of the Year. She has won over 100 silver and gold awards from international competitions.


British-born Sarah specializes in wedding, portrait, and commercial beauty and fashion photography. She has been a Lake Garda native for 27 years.

Sarah is a Fellow of The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP), the Societies' highest qualification, achieved by only around 30 photographers worldwide, and Master Photographer of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

She is currently master educator for Godox Lighting (one of the biggest photography lighting equipment manufacturers in the world) and brand ambassador for Canson Infinity (fine art papers). She is also a talent for Imagen AI, providing her editing expertise and style through artificial intelligence to other wedding photographers all over the world. Her editing talent "profile" is the company's best-selling product.

Sarah has won 100+ International Awards and is a regular speaker and educator at:

"I'm an illustrator. I spent my life either looking at the world like a painting, or painting myself. The story, the narrative behind every picture, is composed just as I would with a brush and canvas"

Dario is a fully qualified judge for the UK’s The Societies of Photographers and regularly teaches and speaks at the largest Photography Associations in Europe and United States.


Born in Venice, Dario is a watercolor illustrator, with a passionate artistic background and visionary creativity. 

With 20 years of experience as Strategic Marketing Director in the professional photography printing industry, Dario was the instrumental factor and driving force behind the establishment of a valuable network of partners and influencers worldwide, overseeing international brand awareness and reputation, product design, and developing innovative visual and written communication strategies. Trained by Sarah, he's assistant photographer, and primary filmmaker for Love Weddings.

Dario's expertise and experience in printing makes him the ideal person to oversee all our album design and production.

TRAVEL DATES 2023/2024

September 2023


Speaker/Educator at BILD EXPO

"Bringing Studio Lighting to the Wedding", sponsored by Godox

October 2023


Speaker/Judge/Educator at The National Swedish Print Competition Championships / Swedish Master Photographers

January 2024


Speaker/Judge/Educator at The Societies of Photographers

MARCH 2024


World Wedding & Portrait Photographers International

May - September 2024


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